Trades & Warehouse

All Trades In-House

Many contract firms improve their bottom lines by subcontracting most of their specialty trade work. In fact, some sub out all the work and just supervise their subs. We don’t work that way. While we use highly qualified subcontractors from time to time to help during peak building periods, we believe that having skilled craftspeople on staff in all of the key trades we use allows us to offer better quality control and deliver your project with fewer delays.

Our construction staff works better as a cohesive team because they are part of the same company. They also are able to work seamlessly with our design team to help develop better, more innovative, more cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our Warehouse

We have our own warehouse which makes the remodeling process easier and more convenient for our clients. Our warehouse allows us to preorder materials and products for your project and store them so that unavoidable shipping delays don’t result in construction delays. Should materials and products arrive prematurely, we don’t need to use your home to store them. In addition, your project materials and products are more secure in the warehouse, where they are not sitting in a truck or garage or under a tarp where they could be damaged by the weather.