Price Promise

Gridley Guaranteed Price Promise

To present lower-cost proposals, many remodelers base their estimates on economy or “builder-grade” products and materials. This tactic results in a nasty surprise for homeowners when they begin shopping for products and learn that their project will cost them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars more than they had expected. What initially seemed like a great deal quickly reveals itself to have been an illusion.

At the Gridley Company, we don’t lure you in with a low price, only to raise our fee with hidden costs after the construction contract is signed. We believe in fair and honest pricing, and we even guarantee our pricing with this promise:

Our Price Promise to You

During the design stage of your project, we will provide you with our best recommendation for a design solution that can be executed within the budget we agree upon at the beginning of the design stage. We will explain the product and materials assumptions we plan to employ to achieve this solution.

During the design stage and as we collaborate with you, you may decide to modify the design, product or materials assumptions we have determined. We will work with you to finalize all of these details, and once you have done so, we will give you a guaranteed contract price for the construction phase of your project.  

In the event that you do not select all design elements, products or materials, we will disclose to you the allowances we have included for those unspecified items, as well as our handling fee for those post contract construction purchases.