Our Special Process

The Gridley Perfect Project Process

We are committed to delivering consistently beautiful results and a positive experience to every one of our clients. In order to achieve our goal, we have developed the Gridley Perfect Project Process. From a bath to a whole house remodel, every Gridley Company project receives the same high level of care and attention to detail.

Here are the 25 steps most projects follow when you work with us:

  1. Initial free consultation and initial project discussion.

  2. Design agreement executed. Target budget for entire project, design and construction discussed.

  3. Initial project schedule established.

  4. Pre-design designer/homeowner meeting.

  5. Site visit for measuring floor plan.

  6. Review design options and relative cost implications.

  7. Materials and products selected to allow more accurate estimation of construction costs for design selected. Products and materials ordered ahead of time are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until needed.

  8. Construction estimates prepared, with homeowner selections included. Resulting estimate discussed.

  9. If estimate is on track and approved, continue. If changes are required, they are made and reviewed for approval. Homeowner may elect to use allowances in lieu of making final product or material decisions.

  10. Availability and delivery times of any special materials or products checked.

  11. Construction contract prepared and executed.

  12. Detailed construction drawings, specifications and documentation prepared.

  13. Permits and approvals obtained.

  14. Products and materials ordered.

  15. Construction schedule finalized.

  16. Homeowner/project manager have pre-construction meeting.

  17. Prepare homeowner and home for project.

  18. Construction phase starts. Homeowner has daily and weekly communication with site staff and project manager about schedule and sequence of events.

  19. Site prep; demolition if needed; foundations and framing; plumbing and electrical; inspections; insulation; closing up walls (exterior and interior); installation of cabinets, fixtures, appliances, trim, counters and flooring; painting; and other finishing work and inspections.

  20. Substantial completion and punch list preparation inspection.

  21. Punch list services provided, with homeowner approving items as signed off.

  22. Final homeowner and project manager inspection.

  23. Project complete.

  24. Twelve to 24 months after completion, project manager walks through project with homeowner to determine if any warranty work is needed.

  25. You are so happy with your project you tell all your friends.