Contractors for Home Renovation

People searching for contractors for home renovation typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Those who know little about remodeling and construction and have never gone through a renovation, who are often first-time homeowners.
  • Those who have been through a remodel or two, possibly doing some work themselves, but are still lacking knowledge in areas such as designing a practical kitchen.
  • Those who know a great deal about renovations and quality contractors.

The Gridley Company was founded in 1976 by Linda Gridley. She still has the vision to serve apprehensive property owners who want great results but need help on how to best achieve them. Gridley offers a streamlined process that keeps stress to a minimum, a Price Promise to control costs, and sensational results that add value to your home.

We're ideal contractors for home renovation neophytes, but over the years the Gridley team has attracted just as many customers who have experienced multiple renovations and find that our customer-friendly approach works for just about anyone who appreciates honesty and excellence in contractors.

Whether you are considering your first renovation or have a history of remodeling projects under your belt, you'll be delighted with the attention to detail and service the Gridley Company gives your project.

Call us today at 408-374-0900 to schedule a consultation with a Gridley designer.

Budget-Minded Contractors for Home Renovation

Many homeowners hesitate to contact a contractor because they fear their budget is too small to provide them with a satisfactory renovation.

Our advice: Call us anyway! Gridley's Special Value Service was created to reconcile modest budgets with quality renovations that provide tremendous value.

Using our knowledge of design, materials and costs, we can "value-engineer" your project - kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, home theater, or whatever you wish - and still check off most, if not all, of the "must-haves" on your list.

A Gridley designer will be happy to explain how we do it.

The Gridley Company is your best choice of contractors for home renovations in the San Jose area, including the cities of Campbell, Los Gatos and Saratoga. Call us today at 408-374-0900.