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Seminar #1

Remodeling Traditional Homes For Non-Traditional Families

Is your home giving your non-traditional family the amount and type of space it needs? Come learn about home transformations that will work for your one-of-a-kind family. We will address the particular needs of blended families, step-families, single-parent families, same-sex families, grandparent-led families and unrelated families living together.

Homeowners attending will learn about innovative space solutions that work including:

  • Dual master suites and living areas
  • Main level master suites
  • An au pair or nanny
  • Second kitchens and laundries
  • Private in-suite bathrooms
  • Multiple parking areas or entrances
  • Extended closet and storage spaces

Linda Gridley will walk you through the design challenges and solutions that will make your home fit everyone comfortably and create peaceful coexistence in your home.

Location: Bay Showroom in Campbell
Call: (408) 374-0900 for dates and times

Seminar #2

In-Law Suites That Work

When you welcome your in-laws or parents into your home for an extended stay, it takes some careful planning to make sure they maintain their sense of privacy and feeling of independence. Come hear how the perfect design will enable everyone to benefit from this transition.

Topics will include:

  • Creating bathrooms that are both beautiful and safe
  • Creating separate entrances for privacy
  • Space planning that will facilitate mobility now and in the future
  • Adding kitchenettes
  • Establishing separate heat and cooling zones
  • Installing whole house communication systems
  • Modifications to common areas of the home

Location: Bay Showroom in Campbell
Call: (408) 374-0900 for dates and times

Seminar #3

Easy Home Transformations For Your Multi-generational Family

Today’s households are vibrant and dynamic and may include members of every generation, both young and old. This seminar is perfect for anyone who lives in a changing household and needs to accommodate:

  • Adult children returning to the nest
  • Parents or in-laws coming to stay
  • An au pair or nanny
  • Teens who need space of their own
  • Extended stay guests or relatives
  • Other new household members

Location: Bay Showroom in Campbell
Call: (408) 374-0900 for dates and times

Design/Build Method Advantages

The design/build method offers homeowners many advantages for most remodeling projects.

Before design/build, homeowners typically used the design/bid process. If you wanted to remodel your home, you had to find and hire an architect to design your project and then find and hire a builder to construct it. This can be a time consuming two-step process and if things go wrong you can find yourself uncomfortably in the middle between your architect and builder.

Selecting the Right Remodeler

Importance of Selecting the Right Remodeler

  • Not all remodelers are alike—some are highly qualified professionals, and some are not. Some are specialists and some are generalists.
  • Carefully selecting a remodeler now can save you time, money, and trouble. Asking the right questions now can prevent unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • Our remodeler will be in your home during workdays from early morning until late afternoon for an extended length of time. It is important that you trust and feel comfortable with them.
  • You should choose a design/build remodeling firm that can reflect your sense of style.
  • Remodeling your home is more than an investment. You will live in your home for some time, and selecting the right remodeler is an important part of making sure your remodeling project is done right.

Priced For Problems

Unlike when purchasing mass–produced, brand-name products, which are identical to each other regardless of the price, comparing the prices of remodeling firms is rarely the best indicator of the value you will receive.
In fact, one industry observer has said many times that “remodeling horror stories often start with a great price.” Why is that?