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A warm welcome to the Gridley Company’s blog! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Gridley   
Friday, 13 February 2009
We have created this blog for those of you yearning for new, positive and inspiring conversations around multigenerational living.

“What is multigenerational living?” you may ask. With our many current global and individual circumstances, many of us are having to consider changing in our living situations, to creatively include new family members living in proximity or under the same roof!

  • For some, the days of your adult children moving away, returning with the grandchildren only for dinner, may be gone. Now, your adult children and the grandchildren may need to live with you!
  • For others, having to bring your declining parents into your home is no longer a remote possibility, but a reality. There are many creative ways to provide privacy and along with proximity.
  • You may find that you bringing in a friend or a sibling into your living situation can alleviate financial burdens and create a more joyful home environment for everyone!
  • Some may find that you need live-in help to care for your children or your aging parent, to ease the burden and help your sanity! Homes can be easily transformed in ways you may not have dreamed of.
  • Single parenting can be overwhelming ~ running a household, caring for the children and meeting your own needs. Bringing in a parent or friend to assist with child care, can also mean a need to expand the living environment.

By having these new home environments that feel great for everyone:

  • New emotional bonds and closeness between family members can be created!
  • Loneliness and fears can be alleviated when you can be in proximity of your loved ones!
  • You can more easily care for your aging parent when they are close to you!
  • Children can help care for their elderly grandparents!
  • Family members can assist each other with the household responsibilities!
  • Financial burdens can be shared and even alleviated!!

In this blog, we will be offering you amazing insights, tips, stories, and guidance to support you so that you can manage your overwhelm, see solutions and discover the wonderful possibilities of multigenerational living!

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